Real Girlfriend Experience

A writer, quite obviously gunning for some literary award, asked escorts out on real dates, like bowling and minigolf. Mistake #1: not paying the escort their regular rate, then acting like the escort obviously is only in it for the sex or that there's something creepy about a sexless escort gig. He gets straightened out by one of the escorts that did take him up on the date: It's an escort's job, and they're getting paid for their time; try asking a lawyer for cheaper hours because it's an easy and fun job. As for the creepy part: of course they thought it was creepy; they weren't going to work for cheap when the guy gets off on "reporter-and-escort-minigolfing" role-play. Al! so, miraculously, the only three escorts that take him up on the offer consist of a young-and-in-it-for-the-money, an older-and-fallen-on-hard-times, and a pro-with-her-head-on-straight-and-business-sense. A veritable microcosm of hooker TV-character stereotypes! The article is a Pulitzer-winner for sure.

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