Abstinence Pledge: FAIL!

Who knew? Over and over again, we hear that abstinence pledges don't work. Well, they don't work to stop kids from having sex, but, really, that's not what they're for. Remember, conservative and religious activities are not to accomplish the stated goal, but to make the person feel better about their lives - remember, the evangelical-conservative position is "play the role, but if you screw up we'll take care of you". Celibacy pledges are to make the parents and children feel they're "playing the part" - going through the motions to look and act like everyone says they should. Does i! t stop anybody from having sex? Hell no, but that is rarely the goal. Nothing happens to the kids if they get knocked up or catch a disease; their family either blames somebody else, or covers it up, because the outward view should appear as though all children are celibate - I mean, they're wearing the freakin' ring. The big argument for celibacy promises is that explicit sexual education and access to condoms doesn't stop kids having sex, either. Well, I have news for you, conservative-evangelicals: Not a god-damned thing is going to stop your kids from having sex - when a kid decides to have sex, no promise, no ring, no condom, no education is going to stop them. Deep down, you already knew that, so stop pretending you've figured out the magical incantation to 'fix'the world according your moral view. Your morals are broken, not the world around you.

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