Asexuality: OK!

Well, this message isn't for the asexual: it's for those of you who like looking at the pictures on this website. I highly doubt you're lacking a sex drive - but lots of other people don't have one. And, it's not a problem - I want to remind everyone that sex is a hugely faceted feature of human life, and everything, short of unsolicited injury and abuse of non-consenting entities, is acceptable...including people who have no drive. The attitude tends to be, "dude, something's wrong with you - how can you not have sex?" but, really, there's nothing wrong with it whatsoever...unless you're the highly-sexual one in the pairing. Sex is an important part in a relationship, and there's ! always someone with similar needs...don't be the asexual who's feeling raped to satisfy their partner, or the sexual who's feeling neglected to avoid feeling manipulative. Get laid, but only when and how you want to. It only furthers the proof that pre-marital sex is absolutely necessary: you might find that saving themselves for marriage is wayyy too easy for your partner, and they'd rather keep saving it forever. Sexual compatibility is a necessary part of life.

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