Sex Drive / H.S. Musical Mixup

Back to Utah, are we? A movie theatre in Utah (who, presumably, won't play Zach & Miri Make a Porno) switched theatres between Sex Drive and High School Musical 3. Oops - they forgot to physically move the film, and thus a bunch of unsuspecting children were subjected to the first few minutes of Sex Drive while half-stoned college students presumably watched High School Musical 3 in its entirey without noticing. Parents, of course, didn't simply accept the mix-up and find their way to the correct theatre - they bitched management out and got free stuff, because everybody was traumatised b! y the nudity that appeared on screen during those first fleeting minutes of Sex Drive, particularly the parents. As things usually go, I'm sure the kids were more traumatised by their parent's ensuing nudity-related freakout, thus further damaging their Mormon-tainted morality.

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