Seattle: Coffee Boobs!

The Puget Sound appears to be overrun with nearly-exposed barista breasts. Recently, Barista's Chicagoland Cafe in Bremerton ran afoul of adult entertainment laws, citing pasties as being too explicit for their coffee-slinging ladies to wear. Chicagoland wasn't the only place you can get an eyeful of latte-splattered pasties: a little north Hot Chicka Latte had Pasties Tuesdays as part of their 'menu' -- which is just down the street from a Cowgirls Espresso, a chain with beautifully unclad theme days -- but both were al! so ordered to cover up more: "Electrical tape is not clothing and it does not cover the entire breast," said a local in May. Well, what you decide is clothing, madame, should not affect how I want my coffee handed to me, thank you very much. If I want young, bouncy breasts frothing my milk, there should be no reason it can't happen.

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