Butt Pads: Oh Good Lord

While I can understand people who need them for medical reasons, men are getting padded undies so they look like they have an ass, for cosmetic reasons. Guys, first of all: if a woman rejects you because she looked at everything else and was accepting, but then got to your ass and went, woah, damn, dude, do something about it, she was a jerk to begin with. Would women put up with a guy who continually reminds her how small her tits are, and would prefer looking at a padded bra over touching the actual small breasts? Self esteem is the recommendation for gals worried about size, so, guys, get over yourselves and get some self esteem before you start stuffing your ass. Wait, that s! ounded wrong, but I think you get my drift. Waitasec -- "We're developing a pec-pad shirt right now," Timlock says. "It's a sleeveless V-neck T-shirt. Pockets on each side, where your pecs are, that the pads fit into..." Jesus Christ guys, go to the freakin' gym or do push-ups every morning if it's that bad.

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