Men: Losers!

Sorry, men: we suck. Women get all the advantages: better pay, the ability to have children out of wedlock and be supported by the government, more education, at least according to a new book and this article from the Daily Mail. Don't worry, women, we won't let it go to your heads: Men will continue to be just as insulting, crude, and dismissive as we always have, because being a college educated single woman on relief raising a child on your own is an absolutely awesome life!

OK, sarcasm over: guys, this book is stupid, regardless how many true statistics they show, because the basic premise is flawed. This "Us vs Them" attitude towards women, that somehow men are confused about their roles and are falling apart because of it, is a crock of shit. Feminism isn't castrating us guys, it is the childish attitude that guys are in charge and women are taking over that is damaging men's place in the world. If guys would have the balls to treat the rest of the world with respect and honor, like a fairytale medieval knight instead of some asshole Disney-park-ride pirate, the world would be more civilized. The bad-boy attitude that gets the chicks doesn't even have to go away - nothing about feminism removes that - but you can't rely on it as some identity-maker. Getting a chip on your shoulder that because women are self-sufficient only shows just how dumb men have gotten on our own. Women still need men as companions and friend! s and lovers and helpers, they just don't need the caveman money-earning, open-the-pickle-jar-please crap that treats men like tools. Don't be a tool. Be a man, and stop pretending that women are preventing it. You're the problem if you can't behave like a real man.

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