Send Liquor, Guns, and Money

Running a sex club in Dallas sounds like a sweet deal: $10,000 a month hosting swinger's clubs. Oh, the drugs, liquor, and loaded guns? That's not going to attract attention right? Hey, judge: you're in Texas, the newspapers have apartments advertising guns and booze as bonus amenities for paying rent on time. While I find their reason to raid a sex club dubious at best, the one thing people in fringe businesses need to realize is: mind your freaking p's and q's. Mobsters go to jail for tax evasion, not murder; these sex club operators are going to get smacked for not having a liquor license, fire code issues, security problems, and al! l the stuff any business operator has to worry about. Note to self: store my guns, drugs, and liquor down at AÃÂ

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