City Buys, Closes Strip Club

Lavonia, Georgia, bought a strip club, but not to expand its income base. The strip club was bought in order to close it down, as the last grandfathered-in stronghold against the town's anti-adult-business laws. "Those billboards did more damage to the community than the club did," says the city manager. Dude, if an unwanted strip club is the town's major industry and attraction, you're not doing very well as a city manager. Small towns die because they fail to recognize their town's profit and assets, or fail to replace it with a reasonable income source when the previous market dwindles. Shutting down a profitable business in a small town on moral grounds is a stupid move all around. But, I suppose when Lavonia went to scho! ol, all it's buddies from down the road made fun of it for being 'stripper town,' and it so hurt the small town's feelings that they had to get that mole removed to look prettier.

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