More Than Missionary

Those who are criticising me are those for whom sex is only done in the classic missionary position. But that's not the only way to do it and those who criticise my personal affairs have no right to do so, says Max Mosley, head of Formula One Racing -- an excellent sentiment, which continues to point out that homosexuality and transvestitism was once illegal, so anyone who would judge Max for a five-prostitute bondage romp is unreasonable. Oh, except for his wife, that is. In case, like me, you're wondering how easy it is to get five BDSM prostitutes together at once, the ladies has more incentive than just a grand apiece; News Of The World (who 'broke' the story) worked out a deal with the prostitutes to give NOTW a video of the events for a ,000 priceta. Who ever heard of a tabloid overblowing a sex story, exaggerating Nazi imagery (and is somehow offended that anybody in 1930s Germany supported Hitler), and then disclose what was assumed to be a private event in great detail to the public? The courts, showing a pleasant inclusion of smarts, says Mosley had every right to privacy, and public morals don't extend to private events.

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