Clothing Color Palettes In The Wild

If you're a bit color-impaired, don't worry, a lot of guys have that problem. Well, yeah, I know there's a lot of guys out there with design degrees, but you've got your Pantone swatches to compare to -- the rest of us need a little help. WearPalletes takes photos of nicely-dressed people, and posts a test-pattern set of color bars taken from the clothes pictured. Some of them strike me as ugly on the person, but the stripes show how the colors work. And, if you fancy yourself a designer, maybe there's something worthwhile to be found in the clothing colors of strangers on the street.Aside: speaking of Pantone colors: Pantone has released their fall color set, in time for fashion designers to design and produce their stuff in time to be on Wal-Mart's racks by June.

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