Hot Lame Tunes!

People are always coming out with lists of music that'll put women into a make-out mood, but they're never that honest about how much make-out music sucks. Until these guys, of course, who have compiled the five top musicians who suck donkey dick, but also make women's panties wet. The reason each of those are popular musicians, however, is because they don't completely suck: Van Morrison with the Chieftans is an excellent album, Timberlake is actually a bit of a force to reckon with in the media these days, and Jimmy Buffett will always remind you of that time you make out with that pothead chick with the dreadlocks which didn't turn out to be as much fun as you thought after the contact high wore off. I suppose it depends on the kind of woman you're attracting: this list seems to focus on college sluts, or free-wheeling cougars; give me Tom Waits and Tom Jones and The Cure, and I'll show you some freaky english majors opening their legs at supersonic speeds.

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