Hookers: Tax Deductible!

Tax lawyer William G. Halby just got screwed, but by the U.S. Government. In recent years, Halby spent over $100,000 on prostitutes, pornography, and other sexual experiences, and then tried to deduct it on his taxes as medical treatment. Not so fast, says the Supreme Court: no prescription, no medical treatment deduction. There's your loophole, whore aficionados: get a doctor to prescribe prostitutes as treatment for something - depression, social anxiety disorder, or as exercise to control your heart disease - and you can fuck tax-free 'till the cows come home. Make sure you do it someplace where hookers are legal, though: New York, as Halby found, doesn't let you deduct illegal activities. Also, don't be a tax lawyer, either: the courts frowned on the shenanigans, and fined Halby extra because he shoulda known better.

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