Condoms = Marxism!

Or am I thinking of Trotskyism? YourTango has a cute list of reasons that condoms are like communism. Probably the truest of them: They are not for the lazy (or selfish). Now, imagine it being said by that skinny, pale guy at the bar, with the thick black glasses frames and the sickly looking girlfriend with the knee-high wool stockings and ill-fitting sweater who's always doodling in her moleskine. Yeah, that's what this list sounds like to me. But, hey, whether its condoms or communism, trusting it a little despite the imperfections, risks, and discomfort, and everyone will be happier in the long run - just don't let it make people get all high and mighty, magnifying their self-worth and forgetting the reason for it, and we'll all be in better shape. Oh, and quell all armed rebellions before they get too far. (via)

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