Happy MILFer's Day!

You know what holiday is coming up? Yes, this Sunday is MILFer's Day, the one day of the year when fucking somebody's mom is a government-sanctioned event. Sounds creepy, don't it? MILF, however, has grown into one of the hugest genres of pornography, and the general accusation is a Oedipal association with the 18-25 porn-buying generation. But, you're here, so you want to know what I think: I think it's that the whole teen genre sucks soooo bad that the only hot models are in their thirties and forties. Seriously, have you seen some of the gorgeous MILFs they get? Especially the ones that have been in porn for twenty years; it used to be a thirty-something porn star was all makeupped and augmented to look younger - now that the genre has been around a few years and the business needs hot thirty- and forty-somethings, these gorgeous ladies are back in public. The "teen" and twenty-something women are all bags-of-antlers whose nipples point the wrong directions because their implants are too big. MILF porn isn't hot because they're MILFs - it's because they're fucking hot.

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