Catholics: Molest, Not Repress!

Cosmo has cause some hoopla: in their sex advice column, they dared suggest that parental and religious repression during childhood could have caused a woman to be sexually repressed. The article specifically accuses Catholic-school nuns of furthering the case for sexual repression aside from procreation, which is a reasonable accusation, though not Cosmopolitan's only comment. The Catholic League, being known for their progressive, tolerant stance worthy of Jesus' behavior, has lashed out at Cosmo, saying - and this is the quote in the article - "It would never occur to Beland that a woman who is sexually repressed might have been molested growing up". Ah, Catholics: if there's anything they know well, it's sexually-molested children. He then flips the discussion and says, what about having to undo damage caused by years of exposure to Jewish-school teachers or overly liberal parents? Answer: There's no damage to do there; that's a kid with an awesome childhood.

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