Female Orgasm Commune!

OK, let's take the dirty hippie commune idea, add in some Eastern pro-sex metaphysics, and dump it all in hip, stylish San Francisco, and what do you get? You get the One Taste Urban Retreat Center, a female-orgasm centered co-ed commune. The Commune's website (down at the moment?) emphasizes a concept called "mindful sex", in which both partners make sure they're safe, happy, and enjoying themselves during sex. How dare they try to make sense in their immoral behavior! Evangelizing morality is supposed to make you feel guilty about sex; they're doing it all wrong! I do think they've got it right - showing people how to behave with each other is a wonderful objective - but like most communes it probably won't survive long. They lack a world-sized scope of morals; limiting things to sex and relationships does not a commune-sustaining movement make. Er, wait - the power of a women's orgasm seems to be more than sustaining enough for a community: Lafayette Morehouse has been around for forty years.

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