Real Dolls: Hot!

"...about a dozen headless bodies hang from a rack, like Rockettes at a slaughterhouse..." No, it's not a reboot of some slasher movie; it's the Real Doll factory, as documented by Meghan Laslocky. You can't write an article about Real Dolls without getting into the creepiness of their owners, which the article has in spades; it's like the male equivalent of a cat lady -- a sign of some emotional issue, something that's benign if controlled well, but, man, don't expect to have a normal human relationship with 'em. Still, I'd like to try one out, be like the guy who calls his RealDolls "it" and acknowledges that it's masturbation, because it's the most true-to-life, like a woman with a favorite vibrator. On the other hand, a guy who keeps naked human-sized dolls under his bed isn't exactly avoiding the 'creepy' label, either. Long PDF here, short article here. (via)

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