Dad Paints Daughter Nude!

Asylum wants to know: is it creepy for a dad to use his daughter as a nude model? My answer: no, not really: is he having sex with her? Is this some erotic fantasy of his? That would be inappropriate. Appreciating the nude form, as exemplified by his daughter? Not a problem. We westerners get weird when sex and parenting get involved, and this seems so blatantly sexual that we get the creeps. It's sexual for us, not necessarily him. I love the comments from the connected news article: If Li Zhuangping was simply focused on exploiting his attractive offspri! ng, he wouldn't have also painted the tiger nude. Dad's not a tiger, he's not viewing the painting with lust in his eyes. I'm the tiger with a lusty gaze, but that doesn't mean everyone looks upon the painting with the same zeal as a horny tiger.

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