Most Sex: Size 8

If you're looking for a gal ready to hop in the sack, look for the curvy ones: size 8 gals are most likely to have had sex recently, because, well, it's that nice Baby Bear size, I'll bet: not a bag of antlers, but cozy enough to get your arms around. In other cute statistics, they listed things done to avoid having sex - on the Men's list: Made love wearing only their socks. WTF? Does that somehow defeat a women's ability to criticize your beer belly? One sad statistic: even though Size 8s are having more sex, they're still as critical of their body as somebody more obese. Come on, women: that size 4 dress you want to get into just makes you look either bony, or like a teenage bo! y. Guys want a little shape to their ladies; you can't be curvy and weigh a hundred pounds.

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