Geeks: Flirt Class

As we all know, at least from what television told me, people who operate a computer are tall, skinny, have poor muscular control, exhibit poor hygeine, and dress in ill-fitting clerical clothing. Eh, some grow out of it, but the majority are destined for a life of loveless solitude. That is, until Germany stepped up and began to offer courses in soliciting romance at the Potsdam University. Students will learn how to flirt via new technologies (no uncomfortable personal contact!), impress people (show them your huge calculator!) and handle rejection (because, well, if you need a course in flirting, you've never experienc! ed it before). I wouldn't be surprised if the course is taken by people in other majors, though; math nerds, physicists, majors, however, already have no problem getting laid, but it will be mandatory to take "Handling Geek Love 101", in which they are taught how not to completely damage a nerd emotionally. Seriously, have you ever dated an art school girl? She's a demon in the sack, but they'll chew up and spit out some socially inept computer student, undoing three credits worth of flirting advice in mere moments.

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