Back in the day, lego knights had swords and bows and arrows and such, allowing for your little hand-built toys to try and kill each other; the space figures had parts that could be assembled into weapons, too. But, overall, Lego is rather pacifist with their products...that is, until BrickArms came along. Producing a custom Lego arsenal, proprietor Will Chapman sells the MOST AWESOME LEGO STUFF EVER. Dude. Little tiny Lego grenades? That so kicks the ass of anything ever made in the history of history. Chapman, however, has raised the ire of the Mus! lim community for making a terrorist minifig:

I doubt it is glorifying terrorism, like the Islamists say - I bet it's more so that the good-guy Legos have somebody to blow up. You can't have the good guys blowing each other up, can you?

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