Germans have such a beautiful and lyrical language - oh, wait, I was thinking about the Polish. No, the German language are the Legos of linguistics; sure, you can build anything, but it's going to be blocky and knobby around the edges. A German dictionary publisher has put together their Best Words of 2008 list, and the one at the top is "gammelfleischparty," or "spoiled meat party", a slang term for a party full of people over thirty. Apparently, that kind of party doesn't sound cool unless you're over thirty as well. What ever happened to just adding 'izzle' to the first letter of a word? Kids these days don't understand just how easy it is. As for the Gammelfleischparty, I expect them to ! come to political control of the German Parliment by 2015...then they'll all be sorry.

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