Most Offensive Games

Start your Christmas list with these: the National Institute on the Media and the Family's worst videogames to watch out for. From what I saw they fail to directly acknowledge the fact that videogames are made for people of all ages, and that collge-aged guys (fans of blood, gore, and sex) are a huge taget audience. I'm going to help the parental fear-mongering by releasing my 2008 Report of Magazines, laden with pictures of children reading and smiling, with a top ten list of magazines to avoid starting with Playboy, Fangoria, and Hustler. It'll be a valuable service because, for crying out loud, you can't expect a parent to look at the cover or do a little checking before buying their kids somet! hing as a gift. I know, Left4Dead's "puppies and unicorns" cover really misleads consumers, but they're an anomaly.

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