Correlation, Causation!

TV is getting your teenaged daughters knocked up! Or, rather, knocked up teens see more sex on TV, which has absolutely nothing to do with the permissiveness or involvement of their parents, I'm sure. They seem to create a cause where it's parallel involvement; if kids get to watch 3 hours of TV a day (3?! I got an hour of TV, if I was lucky, and I got laid on a regular basis), and they get to see permissiveness on the screen, and their parent exhibit permissiveness in approving or ignoring the shows, that probably goes much further than Grey's Anatomy's naughtiness. The report even says innuendo can cause early sexual activity, so if your kid is knocked up, you can blame The Office's "That's! what she said" running jokes. Ooooh, that Steve Carrell, undoing years of parental influence!

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