Pentax K2000

Pentax has a new K-model camera out: the K2000. If you're like me, you've got a K1000 collecting dust in the closet because it's not digital and you wish it was because you've got a bunch of kick-ass lenses. The K2000 is a good replacement for your old film camera, because it has a K-mount base, meaning those lenses from the seventies will fit the new digital camera. The istD was the precursor, which also had a K-mount body, but the K2000 is a definite upgrade in technology and resolution. Stupid drawback: the K2000 has the same small sensor as the istD, which means your lens focal length is messed up. When other high-end cameras are going to full-size sensors, why wouldn't Pentax do it? It's a small change to give a camer! a a high-end flavor.

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