Brazil: Hookers Be Safe!

Brazil, one of those excellent countries who not only have legalized prostitution but have begun to support their sex-workers, has offered advice on its website on how hookers can be safe, profitable, and negotiate safer sex practices. Sorry, anti-prostitution groups say: the explicit content on the website borders on pornography, and promotes prostitution, so parts of the website will be toned down. How dare the Ministry of Work support a legal business! It's downright obscene! We need prostitutes to struggle and be subject to abuse and disease in order to feel like the moral superior: when escorts begin to make a prof! it and are safer from disease and violence, how am I supposed to look down at them? It's awfully hard when your moral viewpoint isn't supported by the truth around you. Don't worry, anti-prostitution Brazilians: there's plenty of prudes in the U.S. who are on your side. Too bad they're all idiots, too.

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