Whoops: Forgot Work Clothes

It's an easy mistake -- you show up for work, but forgot to get dressed first. It's a nightmare most of us have had since our gradeschool days, but for one young lady in Illinois, clothes-free was how she spent the first part of her evening as a bartender. As for the second half of the evening, she spent it in jail for indecent exposure. Sadly, there are no photos of the event, so I can't say if she was genuinely indecent -- there are more than a couple bartenders I know who I think would be perfectly decent to see naked. Oh, wait, these guys have her booking pho--DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN! Oh, well, no wonder the cops wanted her to get dressed. She's younger than me, and looks my mom's age. Maybe this'll encourage the bar to hire someone a bit more lovely for the nude-bartender-in-a-non-nude-bar job.

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