Porsche's Sleek Kitchen

Dan Neil of the LA Times gets cute with his description of the Porsche Design Kitchen P'7340. Neil says is a 'Man's Kitchen', even though the Porsche/Poggenpohl website says nothing of the sort, so we'll have to take his word for it. The kitchen itself is only innovative in its use of electronically controlled cabinet doors, which, if you've ever cooked in a kitchen, would probably be a pain in the ass if your hands are covered in raw chicken juice and all you need is a different knife.
As with! any 'concept car', there's always a degree of impracticality to show off the neat stuff designers come up with. The rest of the kitchen's features, however, are high-end appliances, which any cook would enjoy. Still, as for calling it a man's kitchen? It reeks of 80's modernism-minimalism, which really doesn't appeal to me (what do you expect from Porche?), but I don't see anything that would set this apart from any other high-end kitchen. If the general assumption is that men are neanderthals who can barely prepare ramen for themselves, the complexity of the appliances would betray that look. Maybe the lack of obvious appliances is supposed to satisfy some need for men to have an unnoticeable kitchen. Oh, yeah, and as Neil points out, it has a TV, which appeals to both "straight or gay" people, because it's a known fact that who you fuck affects yo! ur appliance purchases. Stay classy, Neil.

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