New Morals Are Here!

A thousand adults were asked if they'd partaken in any of these eight deadly sins recently: exposure to pornography (check), using profanity in public (check), gambling (no), gossiping (check), engaging in sexual intercourse with someone to whom they were not married (double-check), retaliating against someone (no), getting drunk (buzzed, yes) and lying (probably). I guess, as an operator of a porn blog, it shouldn't surprise the "Christian researchers" that I fail their test of moral oppression. Retaliating and lying are about the only two that have a high degree of harm to others. The "with whom they are not married" part doesn't necessarily mean cheating; I'm not married to Gracie, with whom I experience carnal knowledge quite often. The "Christ! ian" part of the researcher's self-description gives the questioning a very loaded state. No doubt the "researchers" will emphasize that the poll results prove that things need to be changed. They accuse the respondents of experiencing "little exposure to traditional moral teaching and limited accountability for such behavior." Well, good - we've been exposed to a more tolerant, progressive moral code and we've been accountable for that according to the New Morality's rules. The Old Morality is unacceptable, and their poll has spoken.

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