Coins Don't Burn

When most people want a Chevy Silverado, they go sign a bunch of papers which guarantee they'll pay ,000 for their ,000 pickup, but not this guy -- using Depression-era logic, he amassed ,000 in small change to put towards the truck, using the logic that banks close down, paper cash burns, but a coin is awfully hard to damage (they did use a check for the rest of the purchase price). Do the math: if he had that ,000 in a savings account -- or even a CD -- he'd have to have saved it for decades before it'd make up for the interest he'd have had to pay on a car loan. Old people, they're smarter than you think, Mr. Used-Your-Credit-Card-Three-Times-Today-Already! Not only that, this guy ran ! himself over with his old pickup last year. If there were ever a real man, this is the guy, right here. (via)

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