Be A Good Hook-Up

The Frisky has advice on how to be a good hook-up -- for the woman, of course, because men are always good at being a hook-up (come on, we're excellent at sex!). More than once they refer to the hook-up in a negative light ("regret the shag," "walk of shame"), because, of course, a woman who has a zipperless fuck should be ready to regret it. Ladies, if you're cruising for a hook-up, gauge your degree of regret before you do it, and that's, really, the one and only piece of advice you need. If you go into a hook-up confident, it doesn't matter if you run into the guy in the morning -- you're confident in yourself, it doesn't matter how it ends, bec! ause you know you did the right thing. If you're so uncomfortable with the guy you slept with (leave no evidence, clean up after yourself, make it appear as though you never slept there, avoid him in the morning), guess who failed at having a hook-up? So, Frisky is ready to assume a gal goes out, has sex with someone she doesn't actually like or find attractive, and her objective after sex is to avoid him at all cost. Maybe, again, I don't understand because I'm a guy, and my regrets are the gals I didn't hook up with rather than the ones I did. However, if that's how gals felt about having sex with me, I'm glad they didn't stick around.

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