Banning Penis Improvement

The question is: Want Longer Lasting Sex?, and all I can think is Hells Yeah! A company called Advanced Medical Institute is advertising erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation snake-oil on huge billboards, to make sure that everyone who's ever had, or will have, sex can see them. What's the government's opinion on advertising a product that would give consenting adults more happiness and could relieve a common source of relationship stress in couples? Take the fucker down, sex is offensive. Something has changed in the council, because a few months ago they actually had a brain amongst them: The first [complaint], in February, was dismissed by the ASB on the basis that [the sign]! was "not insensitive" and "the word sex itself was not offensive". No shit, sherlock, but 190 complainers in a community of 18,000 makes a difference. When 1% complain, everybody has to bend over and take it like a man. A man with a limp dick.

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