"Double-Front Dungarees" Sounds Girly

Summer's here, and if you're like me, you have two issues: the heat makes you sweat, and you hate to wear shorts. My gal, without fail, asks me if I want to change into shorts when she sees me wearing jeans in the summer. No, I do not want to change into shorts. I have a pair of jeans cut off at the knee that pass for shorts when necessary, but otherwise, no thank you.However, there is a point when either plain blue-jeans aren't fancy enough, or working outdoors for a while means even the blue starts to suck up too much sunlight. Plain khaki slacks are OK (they're usually light enough), but I just found these jeans -- er, 'dungarees' -- that are light colored, are still sturdy enough for work, and don't look like you just clocked out of your accounting job. The Carhartt pants below don't bother to try and hide the double-knee design, which makes them look all the more resilient. And, if you do wear them to work, you're not going to rip out the knees as fast: come on, guys, torn knees stopped being cool in the late 80s, so stop walking around like you're on your way to a Skid Row concert.I've seen lighter colors online, if you dig around -- most places just have the tan above and a darker color (blue or black). They also got extra-big pockets for guys with big mitts like me, and they have boot-sized leg openings (regular jean companies call them 'relaxed fit'). They're a little on the spendy side by my gauge, but I'm a cheap-ass when it comes to clothes, and I guess $50 is a pretty good price for a well-made pair of pants. I need to stop buying the $19.99 crap jeans at KMart anyways.

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