Folks, let me tell you this, from a marketing standpoint: If you have a business creating and selling unsexy things -- shoe-odor-inserts, dog-poop-picker-uppers, laundry detergent -- and your advertising department says "let's just put huge titties in our ads," you say "HELL, YES!" Nila mushrooms has succeeded where so, so many people have failed: making fungus sexy. I mean, look at 'em: a mushroom is designed to be sexy to women. But, up until now, a 'fungtastic' woman tends to stop a guy at the 'fung' part, completely disproving the 'tastic' part. My first reaction is to wonder why they went with the clumsy 'fungtastic', when 'fungilicious would be so much better, but the term is already taken. (via)

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