2257 Ruled Unconstitutional

Woo! Provision 2257 of the COPA, that "prove you're not a criminal, you criminal!" law requiring "publishers" (an overbroad description) to keep personal records of their models and provide it to anyone who asks, has been struck down by the courts. Strictly according to law, because I've posted some naughty pics on this blog, that makes me a publisher -- so somewhere in my files I'm legally required to have those pretty ladies' real names and copies of their driver's licenses in a file. While this would make my Christmas-card mailings much easier, it ain't happening -- an earlier court ruling said republishers didn't really have to, but they still should anyway...which probably meant selective enforcement, an even scarier threat to small-time pornographers. Why won't these laws just die? Well, it's because the powers-that-be flail their arms about, declaring, "won't someone please think about the children?!!??" Since 2257 is trying to prevent child porn, well, the "thinking about children" in the wrong way seems a little too prominent in the lawmaker's minds...

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