Mel Ramos has an odd style; while the style evokes classic pinup art, phtorealistic images of sexy nude ladies, something's not quite right....while I appreciate the lady, does she really need to be sprawled out on a hippopotamus, or reclining on a huge chunk of cheese? Yes, god damn it, yes she does! He has an interesting Galatea-themed set as well, in his Recent Works area.

We've all seen the TGIFridays commercial, right? Three guys ogle three girls (all racially heterogenized), but are distracted by the food. Personally, I can see why; the middle one is the only cute one of the three.

Finally, who goes out of their way to tell how they took the virginity of a TV star? This desparate guy did, answering the question "who really cares?" Well, people.co.uk does. In so many ways, the world tries so hard to believe nobody has ever had sex, and nobody will. What a sad view of the world.

And now for some....

Ann-Angel starts out clothed, ends up naked, but we never really see the naughty bits...there's too many bubbles! These tend to be my favorites; it's a job for my hands to wipe off the suds and show the sexy body underneath.

While they don't get too soapy, Madison spends bathtime comforting Graziella for having a horrible name. The pair start out confused, wearing swimsuits into the bath, but they never quite realize their error, only removing the clothes when it interferes with their lesbian love. Go lesbians!

If the lesbian-teens-with-bad-names doesn't do it for you, mature lesbians bathe together, too. They're really soapy throughout the 15 photos...but the blond looks either uncomfortable or annoyed. Maybe the brunette is coming on too strong?

Even better than lesbians in the bath -- is three ladies in the bath! They're your average Cali pornstars -- but I wouldn't turn down an invitation to join them.

Audrey bathes herself in a series of 15 images, flashing a rather creepy smile at the camera between lathering up. Her little pigtails are kinda cute, tho. Crystal has a creepy smile, too, but has a pleasantly real-world body -- plus she wears her glasses in the bath.

From a site called 'Ass Fantasies,' you'd hope to get a bunch of ass pictures, right? Here they have a bunch of an unnamed model with a soapy ass. Nothing overtly anal in them; just bubbles on an ass, and a few of her other parts for good measure.

I don't really understand the site, but a woman takes a bubble bath, and that's what matters, right?

Don't forget -- there's also non-porn soapy pics. Thanks to fotosearch.com and Google Image Search, it's easy enough to get 40+ clipart photos of people in the bubble baths. While hardly sexual in nature, sometimes they're a nice alternative to squinty eyelids and spread labia.

Snapsoid is a Flikrlike image archive...so of course someone's gotta upload themselves in the bath. Speaking of Flickr, they don't have any sexy soapy photos.

"Older Ladies" have to take baths, too...but, as with the 'teen' attribute, age has to be exaggerated in porn. Either they're really young, or really old, or their age doesn't matter much. The lady in these pics doesn't look quite so old...although 'older' than most of the 19-somethings dominating most photoshoots. Olderladies.com has a nice long video of a woman soaping up in the shower, too.

Back to the disturbingly young-looking girls (wasn't there a law against this)? Find a petite college student with braces, put plastic barrettes in her hair, and she's Teen Topanga. The braces must be a big thing: she's got a huge grimace in every photo to make sure you can see that she's got a mouthful of metal. Oh, and she kisses her rubber ducky.

This young lady toys in the tub -- but she keeps her hair wrapped to make sure it stays dry. Way to stay practical when masturbating for the camera!

She's nameless -- other than the moniker Little Trouble Maker She doesn't get quite as soapy as I'd like, but she's cute...and she's trouble! I know she is, because the website said so!

With all the so-called amateurs lurking around the internet, we tend to forget about the porn supermodels. Petra Verkaik has huge breasts, lots of makeup, smouldering looks and uncomfortable poses, perfect for Playboy. Gettin' soapy in the bath is a workout for her!

This lady just looks annoyed at being photographed. "Okay, if I pose a little, will you leave me alone? I'm trying to relax here!"

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