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A condom store has responded to the Pope's condom ban by donating thirty thousand "Madonna" condoms to the LA Lesbian and Gay center (who, no doubt, are also on the Pope's 'naughty' list).

Watching this woman explaining a Michael-Jacksonesque bird mating ritual has to be the sexiest thing I've seen today.

Under pressure from the populous, a local access channel changes rules, requiring locally-produced programs, in hopes of keeping pornography off the air -- whoops, non-local religious programs violate the new rules, but locally-produced porn can stay on the air. So, out-of-region pornographers and church leaders end up on the same side to complain. Anti-pornographers haven't figured it out yet: when you make rules that don't violate free speech, you're going to affect everyone, so either suck it up or leave it alone.

The new 'teen sex fear' is something called 'daisy-chaining'. Most likely it's like those jelly bracelets and oral-sex parties -- an outbreak of once or twice and a lot of rumours -- but, hell, I couldn't get laid to save my life in high school, and it's this easy now? Geez.

Alabama is considering a bill to ban "gay" books. "I don't look at it as censorship," says State Representative Gerald Allen. "I look at it as protecting the hearts and souls and minds of our children." Exclude the Bible for it's sex and violence and church-and-state separation, this guy whould have an aneurism.

Restauranteur throws out lesbians for kissing -- restauranteur gets smacked with sexual discrimination fine.

If you're a master S&M hentai artist, drawing your actual rape conquests in comic-book form will get you caught. The odd part of the story is that he was ID'ed by his penis...when she slept with him for the 'first time' despite knowing he was married. Sounds like there's more to the story than just duct-taped humiliation rape -- but isn't that always the case?

Industrious India artisans use condoms for lubrication -- and not in a sexual way. They lubricate the thread for sewing machines, and help polish metallic thread.

The spermicidal sponge is back! having gotten FDA approval, and should be back in the regular marketplace soon.

Wife calls police because the husband is really drunk and fucking his sister in the bedroom. Police arrive, tell him to unmount and get dressed; man continues with the act anyway. Welcome to scenic Alabama!

This collector of erotic art, 65 years old, is pleasantly quotable: " I am surprised that not all men collect such items because everyone is interested in the topic."

Orgy For World Peace is a live sex site that donates revenues to non-profits. People pay for masturbatory entertainment, poor people overseas get fed. Could this plan be any cooler?

One of Playboy's "Real Desperate Housewives" talks about being a 31-year-old lifelong fan of the supposedly 'man's' magazine.

Mooove over, hormone-laden cows! Plastic is now to blame. An estrogen-mimicking chemical commonly used in your food-storage containers is making men aggressive, women fatter, children start puberty earlier, and permanently damages the sex organs, according to a number of studies. For God's sakes -- stop using plastic! You can drink milk again, though.

College students are not as promiscuous as one might think. Half had one or fewer partners, showing most people were just as sexually disappointed as I was.

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