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As you may have noticed, Bits'n'Pieces, the news-link section, has it's own page now -- I'm going to update links as often as they catch my eye. I'm hoping it'll attract more readers: I like more readers. Bits'N'Pieces will still show up in the blog like it already does; but it's homepage is easier to read, sorted by date, and has the ability to comment on the news.

Want to look at porn stars without being sleazy? Photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders took artistic pictures of 30 pro porn stars, and is exhibiting them in Santa Monica, along with publishing a coffee table book.

What do sexy models think about their profession? icNewcastle asked, and got the answers. Well, kinda...mostly, they're simply showing that the sexy girls in the magazines are really real people...who wants to see that, right?

And, now for a rather large collection of...

I've run across the confluence of youngness and bathing this week, apparently. Either that, or I'm feeling my age. I linked to these young girls last week, but there's a while bunch of younger types this time around. Little April looks positively illegal, with both tiny breasts and braces. I can't get turned on by her -- she looks the younger side of 12. They say she turned 18 last year; hopefully the braces are off by now. The movies are actually quite long, #3 being almost entirely masturbation.

These ladies are a bit older, but by getting barely PG-13 & wearing child-like underwear they seem to be acting like they're younger than they really are. Strangely, I'm starting to get into the partly-clothed nudity-free photos -- not because of youthfullness (ick) but more because of the 'tease' of it. Princess Blueyes never takes of her cute monkey panties, has her top on for half of the 26 photos, and shows neither nipples nor pink. Somehow, it's still goddamn hot. an unnamed "lesbian sorority cheerleader" (as if they really need cheerleaders) takes a clothed bath in uniform, leaving panties, masturbating with the running water, but never takes the panties off. A 'City Style Girl' takes a bath in & out of her bra, also without showing nips or pussy. Tiffany Teen frolicks in front of the mirrors, soapy as all get out, but in t-shirt and panties. Kate bathes in a top and panties, shows a little of her mound, but no nipples; the thumbs are cropped, the fullsize show a lot more.

Seanna Teen (from the same site as Tiffany, above) takes a long time to get into the bath, but gets nice and soapy for 9 photos before heading for the shower.

She must be from the UK -- the website says so! The thumbnails are cropped, and the fullsize show quite a bit more.

This might be a repeat, but I can't pass up videos. Tawnee Stone gets soapy in a series of bathing movies. They're painfully short, but an innovative person could splice'em together.

Here we go -- I like these much better than the little-titted teens. These are real women, with huge racks. She even calls herself "April Chest", bathing and getting soapy in this series of good-lengthed videos. Tanya Danielle shows us both her 'first names' does the same, both from the same site. Busty Amateur Boobs seems to use bathing as a regular advertising gimmick, doing it with more than one of their unnamed models. The first of the two is soapier, but has an odd 'look' to her, while the second is cuter, but less soapy. Audra looks unbelievably cheery about being photographed in the bubble bath, and I'm not complaining.

She may not be a natural redhead, but I wouldn't kick her outta my bath. She gets nice and soapy in the rather high-quality photos.

Why settle for one asian woman, when you can get two? Soaping each other down is the icing on the cake!

Crappy porn tip #88712: Borrow scenery from a high school. Sadly, I've seen this same badly-painted castle background in a number of other bath pics, so this might not be new to you. The model looks bored, despite having a ring in her right nipple.

She must be a real-life housewife -- the website tells us so! The ugly borders on the thumbnails aren't on the large pics.

Can they really call it voyeur if she's clearly acting for the camera? Do we really care? The ten movies are tiny but are long enough.

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