More Soapy Pics!

Holy crap -- has it been so long since I've done my Obligatory Soapy Pics? It's not like I haven't been looking (because I have), I've just been writing about other stuffs and things besides. So -- here you go --


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Oh...ummmm..."what else," you ask? Eh, not much....Thanksgiving isn't the most sexually-oriented holiday. There's plenty of Christmas porn, Easter porn, 4th of July porn, Halloween porn...but as of today, there's no Thanksgiving porn at all. When you have a holiday that revolves around eating a hell of a lot of food, watching sweaty men play football, focus on your mom (and other family members), and driving in heavy traffic, there's not much sexy about it. Well, unless you're into those sorts of things. Sweaty traffic incest football may be the perfect fetish for Thanksgiving, but fortunately that's rather rare.

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