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Anime getting more into the mainstream! This may be a bit of a problem in America, where we've been programmed that cartoons are for children. So, mature and hentai manga end up on the same shelves as Sailor Moon books, tentacle porn ends up in Christian thrift shops next to the Disneys, and kids accustomed to Japanese style assume everything's a kid's show. Without an easy distinction. I admit cartoony porn has appealed to me more than once, but it's definitely not something that should enter the mainstream willy-nilly. Nobody likes accidentally renting the wrong movie - I accidentally picked up Johnny 2.0 once while intending to rent Johnny Mnemonic (either action might be considered the mistake), so I can only imagine the horror of kids picking through Japanese-doe-eyed covers looking for something interesting. Oh, they'll find it, definitely...

He uses the service of prostitutes, he loves it, and he's happy to admit it. Yes, he comes off as mysoginistic -- The problem with normal sex is that it leads to kissing and pretty soon you've got to talk to them. Once you know someone well the last thing you want to do is screw them." -- "What I hate with women generally is the intimacy, the invasion of my innermost space, the slow strangulation of my art" - The problem is that the modern woman is a prostitute who doesn't deliver the goods. ". He ends his commentary with Yes, yes, I know. Prostitution is obscene, debasing and disgraceful. The point is, so am I. People interested in furthering the acceptance of prostitution need to disavow this guy -- he's not helping gain ground. He's everything prostitution advocates want to say is insignificant to their trade, and he's broadcasting it to the world.

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